JUDr. Zborov Dvořák

Born 6.9.1963 in Cheb, Lawyer
1977-1978 - Gymnázium Voděradská in Prague
1978-1983 - Střední hotelová škola In Prague – Podskalská
1985-1989 - Law Faculty Charles University in Prague
1989 - JUDr. examination for the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague
Work Experience:
1989-1990 - Lawyer in the legal departmenr of company Restaurace a jídelny in Prague
1990-1991 - Consultant and lawyer in the Czech Commercial and Industrial Chamber
1992-1993 - Lawyer in the Legislative Department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Prague
1993-1995 - Commercial law clerk for the law firm Račok & Krampera & Vanek & Soleil and partners
1995-1996 - Partner and lawyer Račok & Krampera and partners
1996-1999 - Independent law firm with prevailing commercial law and civil cases
1999-2009 - Insolvency administrator
2000-dosud - Lawyer & partner of law firm Dvořák & Ihlová
2002-dosud - Executor of company liquidation by court-order
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telefonní číslo: 602 309 903